The children recently finished their first year at the English Language Club.  Their English is coming along very well.

To celebrate their achievement, the children were presented with their end of year folder, containing all of the written work they had completed at the club throughout the year, about every day themes such as clothes, school and food.  Each child was given a little certificate to say well done on all their written work.  They were rightly very proud of themselves.

They played games such as Scrabble and the alphabet game.  The children were able to think of English words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  They did a great job!

The children made a wonderful effort to use their English words in sentences to communicate effectively, as they do each day at school and at the club.  Each of the children is improving all of the time in their understanding of the English language.

Well done to each of the children.  Keep up the great effort!


June 2014 P.E. ELClub School Garden Nature Study