We investigated Plants

How do plants make their energy from the sun? Photosynthesis. We looked at the green colour in plants – chlorophyll. We also used magnifying glasses to draw a leaf details. We aged a tree by its dark winter rings and aged branches by their nodes.

What is man-made and what is natural?

We identified objects and wrote down if object is natural or man-made. Also we looked at periodic table and write down element(s) in some of these everyday objects (i.e. Drinking Glass / window = Silicone, Tin foil = Aluminium, Nylon tights = Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen etc.)


Experimenting with Magnets

We looked, drew and labelled – raw rock magnets i.e. lodestones, this is what magnetic rock looks like when it is mined. We now can make certain metals magnetic by running a current of electricity through the metal.

We investigated how compasses work and located the direction of North pole. We also experimented and recorded what magnets attract and repel. We drew the magnetic lines (and labelled the north and south poles) that the Irons fillings made when a magnet was placed under the iron filings plastic box.


Finally Ms Geraghty mixed an acid (Coca cola) and Base (Mentos sweets) together for a Carbon Dioxide CO2 explosion. We experimented with regular Cola and diet Cola and the pupils had vote on which will have the greatest affect!