Our school shop “Stationary and Go” opened its doors in the month of February. Ms. Griffin and Ms. Hill came up with this idea and we were really excited when they asked us if we would be interested in opening our very own school shop that would sell stationery. We all agreed to it of course. We soon got permission from Ms. Brady to set up the shop. We set a date to open the shop for business and announced this date on the intercom. We made posters to advertise our shop and came up with prices for the different items we were selling. We were divided into groups of 3 and each group got their turn to run the school shop at lunch time. The shop was a huge success. We were rushed off our feet every day and within a few short weeks we were sold out of all our stationery. We learned how to work co-operatively with our classmates, how to be helpful to customers as well as practice our maths skills. We bought books for the class library with our profits and are now enjoying reading them!

(By Reni Room 14)