About Green Schools

Green-Schools, known internationally as Eco-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.
Unlike a once-off project, it is a long-term programme that introduces participants (students, teachers, parents and the wider community) to the concept of an environmental management system.

Scoil Chaitríona Senior, in partnership with An Taisce and Galway City Council, first got involved with Green Schools in 1999.

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Over the years we’ve had many active Green Schools committees. Committees were made up mostly of students but teachers, management, ancillary staff and parents were also represented. They compiled an Action Plan at the beginning of each school year and involved the whole school community in meeting each year’s targets.

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We’ve achieved six Green Flag awards and have covered the following themes:  Litter & Waste, Energy, Water and Transport. We’re currently working on promoting Biodiversity in our school grounds. (Click on the links to see some photos!)

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Latest news!


  • Our school garden, now into its ninth year, came alive again after the winter. Community garden’s expert Kay Synnott was in and we harvested some winter vegetables, which had been growing during the Summer holidays.
  • We cleared some beds, dug in rotted leaves we had collected last Autumn and we covered some beds for the Winter.


  • The 4th was National Tree day. Classes took part in tree activities in the school grounds.
  • Most classes entered Galway City Council’s Anti-Litter Poster competition.


  • Ms Griffin and Mr Keely’s classes enjoyed participating in a workshop to learn all about bees. They later did some planting to try to make our school grounds more bee friendly!
  • Some classes hung bird feeders for the Winter months and there was lots of bird activity around our grounds.


  • We got more great news this month! Scoil Chaitríona Senior had winners in the Galway City Council’s anti-litter calendar competition! Their posters were published in the 2019 calendar. Well done to all our talented artists!


  • Students and teachers took up the challenge again this year to live plastic free for a week. Our main goal was to try to do without single use plastics. There was lots to interesting and insightful feedback from all those who participated. Well done everyone!


  • We celebrated National Tree Week this month. Lot of classes did tree studies and got involved in tree activities around out school grounds.

April & May:

April and May were very busy months!

  • On the 10th we did our annual Spring Clean where all the classes helped to clean up Renmore Pitches and Renmore Avenue. We filled nine and a half bags this year but way back in the year 2000 we filled 29 bags! So it looks like our message is spreading and people are dropping less litter! It was a great success and the parish was shining thanks to all the wonderful Scoil Chaitriona Senior pupils.
  • We were thrilled that a pair of blue tits ‘moved in’ to our nest box again this year. With the camera in the nest box, which our caretaker Mike installed, we had great fun watching them building their nest. It looked really cosy! Mike kept an eye during the Easter holidays and told us the great news that the mother bird had laid seven eggs! We were so excited when they hatched and we watched as they grew and developed. Their parents looked after them well and on May 23rd seven healthy chicks fledged.  It was a very special insight into the secret life of blue tits. Thanks to Mike for making it possible for us.
  • Our garden expert Kay was with us again this month. She and the children did some weeding and they planted peas, beans, lettuce, strawberries, cabbage, leeks, beetroot, potatoes and flowers.
  • A number of classes also enjoyed Biodiversity workshops, given by Kay, this month.


  • Kay visited us again and classes planted more vegetables in our garden. These included leeks, onions, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, radish, turnips and scallions. We are looking forward to a rich harvest in September.

Another great year for Green Schools. Well done everyone!

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