Scoil Chaitríona Senior

The pupils and teachers have worked very hard since January 2015 in order to achieve the ASF (Active School’s Flag). The whole school embraced this challenge and set about obtaining this flag with great determination and gusto!

Our ASF motto is: 60 Minutes exercise a day keeps Obesity at bay.

We held our Active School’s Week from Monday 27th April to 1st May.

Monday 27th Tuesday 28th Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th Friday 1st
Whole School PE(Indoor\Outdoor)

(All day)

Please see timetable and lesson plan.









School Sports 1(All day)

Please see timetable

Whole School

–          Sprints

–          Relays

–          distance

School Sports 2(All day)

Please see timetable

Whole School

–          finals

–          Novelty races

–          Mile


Jersey Day(All day)

1.       Penalty shootout

2.       Long Puck

3.       Long kick

4.       Keepie Uppie Challenge

5.       Walk\Jog\Run a mile with a smile

Sports Demo. Day(All day in school yard\pitches)

Each class got active, out and about and did a  45 min to 1 hr Pe lesson while also participating in the 0.5km school perimeter challenge.

(Please see timetable)






The children now have achieved this flag for themselves and the school. We had a visit from ASF accreditor last Thursday the 27th May.

We were proudly presented with our first ASF by Liam Hyland.